Where to find the top real money casinos

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It’s never easy finding all the information you need about real money casinos in one place. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you! It is now possible to find many online casinos in India. Don’t worry if you’re confused with the rules around online gambling in India, use online casino India legal to answer any of your questions. Keep reading to find out all the best information on where you can find some real money casinos to play, whether you can play with Indian rupees, and popular banking options for Indian players.

Where can you play the best real money casino games?

It can be difficult to find the very best real money casino games on top licensed casinos in India. From comparing welcome bonuses to games, we have done the hard work for you to give you peace of mind. Read our guide ranking our top three real money online casinos in India. You can also find an online casino guide detailing five key areas to take into consideration when deciding which real money casinos are the best for you.

Can you play with rupees?

It can be a hassle finding information about playing real money casino games in Indian rupees. Due to the growing market of Indian players in the online gambling market, more and more real money casinos are allowing players to deposit and cash out in Indian rupees. This takes out the extra step of exchanging your money from Indian rupees to another currency. One less step between you and possibly landing that top jackpot prize! It’s simple to find top licensed real money casinos in India with this guide.

The next sections will cover information on the rise of E-wallets, popular banking options for players, as well as some suggestions for the best real money casino games.

How the rise of E-Wallets has had an influence on Indian rupees

Due to the rise of online casinos in India, many real money casinos have expanded their deposit and banking method for customers. With electronic payments and e-wallets gaining popularity, they are becoming well accepted around the world. In recent years, studies have shown around 80% of Indian households use some form of digital payment app.

It’s no wonder that online real money casinos are changing to accommodate these methods of banking! Luckily, this allows Indian players to deposit Indian rupees to play real money casino games hassle-free.

What are banking options for Indian players?

Real money casinos that are online will try to offer different methods to deposit and cash out. These can range from credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets. While one casino might offer Mastercard or Visa, it is possible another casino will not accept this method. Be sure to check before selecting a casino to ease your mind. Here are some popular digital options in India:

  • Paytm, founded in 2010, is the most popular digital payment platform in India. Paytm allows customers to transfer money into an e-wallet via debit or credit card, Net Banking or UPI. In September 2020, users were briefly unable to download the app as Google removed Paytm from its Play Store. Despite the app being reinstated hours later, Google cited that Paytm was removed for violating guidelines surrounding online gambling.
  • MuchBetter, founded in 2016, allows users to transfer money, request payments, convert cash into e-money. MuchBetter advertise having the ‘lowest gaming e-wallet fees in the world’, making it a favourite for gaming online. In addition, MuchBetter offers rewards for using the app. Some ways users can gain MegaPoints is by topping up, sending cash to another user and making charity donations through the app. Each MegaPoint is an entry ticket to the annual cash prize giveaway.
  • Mobikwik, founded in 2009, is a digital wallet used for online mobile payments. Mobikwik allows users to safely pay, send, and receive money quickly, all through the mobile app or desktop. Mobikwik is popular due to allowing users to pay different bills such as landline, electricity and broadband all from the same app.
  • PhonePe was launched in 2015 as a mobile payment app in India. As of April 2021, PhonePe takes over 42% of the market of the overall payment to merchants (P2M) in the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), knocking Google Pay to the second spot. Since March 2021, PhonePe has consistently been processing over 1 billion transactions across UPI, wallet, credit, and debit cards. PhonePe towers over Google Pay with the number of current users at around 300 million.
  • Google Pay, unifying Android Pay and Google Wallet in 2018, is a digital wallet connected to a user’s Google account. Unlike Paytm and PhonePe, Google pay is directly connected to your bank account. Google Pay has a slightly smaller share in the UPI market than PhonePe.

How to find the games that give the Highest Payout Rates

All online casino games have algorithms indicating the player’s chance of winning. One of these terms is Return to Player percentage which is commonly abbreviated to RTP. Finding a real money casino game that has a high RTP is popular for many players. As an example, if an online casino game has a high RTP of 97%, this means that for every 1000 Indian rupees played into the game, a player could generally expect to win 970 Indian rupees back if they have been playing for enough time. A high RTP value is generally considered above 95%, with some very high RTP values at 98% or higher.

How are progressive jackpots different?

Progressive jackpots are a type of slot machine. There are often many progressive jackpot games in real money casinos. They are attractive to players predominantly because their jackpot is not set to a specific amount. The biggest selling feature of progressive jackpots is that every time the game is played but not won, the jackpot total prize will increase. If someone wins the jackpot, the jackpot value will reset to the predetermined level. In addition, it is possible to connect multiple slots together. This can make the jackpot total reach incredibly high numbers when this happens in a casino.

Another common example of progressive jackpots would be the lottery. Each week a jackpot prize is hopefully won. In the event when the prize money hasn’t been won, the money is carried forward to the next jackpot for the next draw, increasing the total jackpot prize.